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Radio interview

18 July 2011 08:52

This morning I had an interview for the Dutch radio 1 about the trend in sea ice. To the left, you can listen to it, bit unfortunately it is in Dutch. I explain the current record low for the present date in the year, the warm day we had on 16 July with max temperature of 10.8 and the averagte temperature increase over the past halfyear being more than 2 degrees Celsius (data from http://www.yr.no). An increase of 2 degrees Celcius is given for Europe as the limit we should allow for antropogenic causes of climate warming. The mechanisms for the downward spiral: 1. white snow surface is reflecting sun rays but turns into black water surface absorbing sun rays, 2. open water allows more water vapour uptake and warm air holds more water vapour, and water vapour is an important green house gass. 3. thickness of the ise is less, the volume of multi year ice being more than 3 m thich is decreasing, which makes surface decline more rapid. What do I experience myself except the warm weather? Hatching date of barnacle geese is since 2007 a week earlier. On a summer of nine weeks, this is a big change.

Click on the picture above to start the recording of the radio interview

Examine the evidence yourself. To the left the ice chart, to the right the graph of ice extent. The year 2007 has been the record low year sofar, though all years since 2007 have been close to the 2007 values of ice extent. Both these graphs are from: NSIDC arctic sea ice news and analysis
The graph to the left and below are taken from yr.no. The past month, average temperature was more than two degrees warmer than normal. Below you can see that we have had already several of such periods this year.
To the left the map of sea ice thickness as measured by CRYOSAT.

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