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Measuring and sampling barnacle geese in Kongsfjorden

22 July 2006, 20:00

Our first goose catch.
I planned to catch 25 adults without goslings, we did catch 22. With kayaks we herded the geese to the nets at Amudsen mast. Most of them were already ringed. We measured their body condition and took some blood and faeces samples for analysis.
It was a wonderful opportunity to optimize our procedures.

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Vincent Munster and Steve Portugal bring geese to Olga Dolnik, who places them in individual cages to collect faeces
the geese are placed in individual cages to collect their faeces a goose in a box the polar fox checks if there is any food
Daan Vreugdenhil is sexing the goose Cecilia Sandström is taking a blood sample Vincent Munster is taking a cloacal swap
Daan measures and Maarten writes In these pictures, you can see the goose team at work. Daan Vreugdenhil is sexing a goose, Cecilia Sandström is taking a blood sample, Vincent Munster is taking a cloacal swap, Maarten writes and Olga Dolnik is collecting faeces. Olga Dolnik collecting faeces

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