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Olga Dolnik checks a snowbunting young a nest of snowbuntings in a ventilation hole of the workshop

21 July 2006, 16:00

Olga Dolnik is an expert in avian coccidiosis. She is staying for 10 days and collects faeces of many bird species. Under the microscope she distinguishes at thousand times magnification small unicellular parasites which live in the intestinal tract. Many young birds are infected with this parasite. In the new program BIRDHEALTH we hope to study how this infection influences growth and survival of young.

Here, she is checking young snowbuntings. This bird species is the only passerine on Spitsbergen. It migrates to the mainland in winter. Breeding at this high lattitude the birds develop extremely fast. The young are fed with insects, which are not abundant at this extreme lattitude.
we needed a ladder to climb to the nest
baby snowbunting

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murder faeces from snowbuntings my hat is stolen

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