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fjord count

28 July 2010 18:10

The number of geese in the fjord is declining since the arctic fox is denning near the most grazed lake Solvatnet. Today Elise and I go on a trip and count all geese in the whole fjord. We visit all islands and shores. This year the total number of barnacle geese is 375 adults, 103 families with in total 229 goslings and this is again lower than in the previous year.
photo Maarten loonen
  This is a good example of a comparison between my photography skills and those of Elise. At the same moment, I took the small picture, Elise the big one above.

Pictures Elise Biersma facebook album

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20100728, 00:30 20100728, 18:10 20100728, 23:01 all items shown with small pics
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