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Departure and arrival

14 June 2010 15:30

Goodbye by my wife Marion and daughter Willemijn My son Janwillem brings me to the train station At the airport in Oslo
In the plane to Ny-Ålesund Crossing the glaciers Brandalpynkten in Kongsfjorden


The small plane flies over the village towards the airstrip. You can see the approach by pressing the links below:
  photo 2
  photo 3
  photo 4
  photo 5
  photo 6
  photo 1
After arrival I check out what is new. I see a fox with left black and right red earmarks. This fox is Thomas, ringed as a male pup in 2009 (see weblog 29 juli 2009). Marcus Schumacher has also seen Randi, the mother of Thomas. A group of twelve barnacle geese with two rings: yellow AJU and yellow ACL. I activate the inhabitants page and update the buildings page.

De Amundsen villa wordt gerestaureerd Het Sverdrupstation is nieuw geverfd
De werkplaats Snekkasjen is uitgebreid met een nieuwe vleugel

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