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4 August 2009 11:00

Regularly, people send us special letters with the request to return them stamped with special stamps of the station. They send a letter to Postboks 0, N-9173 Ny-Ă…lesund, Norway and enclose a return letter with postage. To accomodate these requests we have made a special stamp with our logo.

Every year between 1 July and 15 August, we will return properly prepared envelopes with our stamps. Apply proper posting for airmail in Norwegian stamps.
For an example from my weblog: click here.

This letter was send 16 augustus 1958 by the Dutch journalist and writer Jan P. Strijbos from Ny-Ă…lesund to the editor of his national newspaper in Amsterdam. The letter is part of the collection of Eddy De Busschere from Assebroek, Belgium.
Below there is also a card from 1930 or 1931, send from Spitsbergen. On this card is written (in Dutch): "On this card you can see the Dutch settlement". This has been Green Harbour, which was sold in 1932 to the Russians. Itis now known as Barentsburg.
A letter send to a collector.

See also keyword postmaster for all items on philately.

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