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bar duty

1 August 2009 23:45

Today, I am listed for bar duty. Together with Raymond Lynghaug and Janwillem. The Saturday night bar is one of the social events in town. Good discussions, music, dancing and drinking. All people staying longer periods have a bar duty during their stay.
Janwillem learns from his father how to mix a bloody mary. One measure vodka, a tin of tomato juice and a few droplets tabasco. The glass is topped with some glacier ice.
Dag and Raymond have retrieved the glacier ice from Blomstrand glacier. One big chunk which we have to break in smaller pieces using a hammer. Most people get one ice cube in their glass with a diameter of 5 centimeter.
The bar is open from 21 til 3 o'clock in the morning. Cleaning started at 3:30 and we are ready at 5:00. Luckily we are still in a night time rhythm. We had about 80 guests. With prices of NOK 15 for beer and NOK 20 for mixed drinks, we have a cash flow of 7000 NOK.
We all had lots of fun.

pictures: Anouk Goedknegt

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second non-breeder catch bar duty painting with fog

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