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NASA mission control

24 July 2009 15:30

picture from www.ublogs.uma.es/charran   I wrote earlier about the NASA team with their remote plane. Today I visited their mission control at the hangar of Svalrak, the Norwegian rocket range. Kasia Wegrzyn gave me an impressive overview of their mission control. Guess what: it is all for view on google earth. Right now, I can see on my own computer in the Netherlands Arctic Station where the remote controlled airplane is going. With just 5 minutes delay. This is so impressive. Actual data from sensors on the airplane and satellite imagery of yesterdays ice cover are on view. I can just advice you to download and install google earth. Then download this file (casie.kml) and double click on it. You can see past and present missions. Clicking on the plane gives the latest information on position, altitude and direction. You can play around with satellite background pictures. We have a long way to go before we can show such thing with our migrating geese.

Here are some websites with relevant information:
NASA Press Release
NASA CASIE website

to the left: mission control

mission control
google earth
The final landing of the CASIE mission in foggy weather.
More on: http://wiki.nasa.gov/cm/blog/CASIE

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