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Studying planet Mars

16 July 2009 11:00

When Fokje and Anouk were dropped-off at the far end of the Brogger peninsula, they met four Germans, known as the Mars people in Ny-Alesund. They study periglacial geomorphology. Which is a complicated word for all things built in the landscape by glaciers and ice, for example stonecirkels, stoneglaciers, poligons and peat hills. They hope to find similarity’s with planet Mars although they have never been there.
Next year maybe, they said. Because Svalbard is too expensive. When Fokje and Anouk asked if they have seen geese around, they asked if it were tasty birds. The Mars people are: Ernst Hauber, DLR (Ernst.Hauber@dlr.de), Dennis Reiss, UNI Munster, Mike Zanetti, Uni Munster, Mathias Ulrich, AWI Potsdam.

Pictures and text: Fokje Schaafsma and Anouk Goedknegt

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