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snowbunting nestlings

11 July 2009 18:00

We have seen a snowbunting nest in the cliff under the airport. Oebele and Janwillem confirmed that the nest contains almost fledging snowbuntings. Six hours later, I go with them for a check, but the tide is high. Oebele gets a suit and carries me and Janwillem over the deepest parts of the coast.

Janwillem holds the ladder and I climb to the top. Five young snowbuntings try to hide, but my arm is just long enough.

The snowbuntings are really tiny compared with geese.
Together with Olga Dolnik, I have developed an interest in small parasites (coccidioses) in snow buntings. Olga has found and named a new species. Now, we want to study the diurnal release of coccidia. In the temperate region, songbirds do this mainly in the afternoon. How will this vary in constant light?

pictures (except the first two): Oebele Dijk

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