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skua catching

10 juli 2009 17:00

This week Thomas has been catching 5 pairs of Arctic Skua's with Børge. A GLS-logger was deployed on all ten birds, which will give Børge the opportunity to learn about where they are during the winter. The birds fly south to the South Atlantic Ocean or even the Southern Ocean, wandering at sea untill next spring. Their exact whereabouts are still largely unknown, but not for long! Børge and Thomas catch the birds using a loop of fish wire which they place around the nest of the Skuas, and a small remote controlled winch. When a Skua is on the nest, they push the button and the loop closes around the feet of the Skua. But this method is not always neccesary, the Skua that attacked Jan-Willem earliere could even be catched by hand. This Skua was an old male, with such great claws that a normal ring didn't even fit around its leg!
dark morph arctic skua weighing a skua

pictures and text: Thomas Oudman

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where is oebele? catching skuas team picture

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