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11 June 2009 11:45

It feels like coming home. My hut is clean and well-organized. I start with replacing the tullip outside my door. Every winter it looses the red flower. Even plastic tullips might wither.

Within a few hours, I have restarted my office. On the left a vieuw on the fox den and via internet Dutch radio and video contact with home.
storage top left

London II

is my favourite place. Since 1995, I live here every summer. This hut is the most original of the four london houses. I am not allowed to renovate anything. It is a historic building, with origially paint as far as it still holds. On the top floor there is a storage room and a small sleeping room. On the ground floor from left to right my sleeping room, a kitchen and my office.
sleeping room top right
my sleeping room the kitchen my office/living room
sleeping room top left

London III

is a present from all people in The Netherlands who wash their clothing with Ariel of Procter & Gamble. This company has sponsored extra housing for Ditch researchers. This year there will be more people in the station than ever before. The hut is more modern. The arctic foxes live beneath this hut, but I never smell the foxes while being inside. Straight after arrival I have taken these pictures. To sleeping rooms on the top floor. A living, kitchen and laboratory on the ground floor.
sleeping room top right
sitting room kitchen laboratory

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20090604, 21:23 20090611, 11:45 20090614, 13:30 all items shown with small pics
opening arrival first trip

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