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Immune activity

3 August 2008 20:15

The goslings are growing fast and this week we test the activity of the immune system of all 16 individuals. Yesterday we have injected sheep red blood cells, today we inject lectin, a plant protein. The first test measures the formation of antibodies (a kind of vaccination), the second test the direct migration of white blood cells (as with a mosquito sting). These tests measure the responsiveness of the immune system.
Claus Bech is helping me with this test.
Claus is preparing the lectin Janwillem is herding the geese in the background
marking the spot of measurement measuring the thickness of the wing web measuring the thickness of the wing web
First we mark the spot of injection. Than we measure the thickness of the wing web and inject 0.05 ml of lectin in the skin.
Tomorrow this will have caused a local swelling, which we can measure as an increase in thickness.
measuring the thickness of the wing web injecting the lectin injecting the lectin

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cattle immune activity Harro was here

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