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Logbook SEES.nl 1968-1969

26 November 2022

Today, we have the first book presentation of a logbook of the expedition to Edgeøya in 1968-1969. Four young man lived stayed for one year on the island to study polar bears. They marked and released 12 polar bears. Within one year 4 were shot on the west coast of Spitsbergen, showing the excessive hunting pressure which lead to protection in 1972. This expedition was the start of Dutch research on Edgeøya, and the big expeditions in 1977 (REES1977), 2015 (SEES.nl/2015) and 2022 (SEES.nl/2022).
  pdf of presentation (in Dutch)
  video of presentation (in Dutch only)
  newspaper on book (in Dutch)
Flowers for the people who made the book. From left to right Fineke te Raa, Hans Beelen and Ko de Korte. Ko was one of the four students who wintered in 1968.

The first print was presented to the daughther of Paul and Truus de Groot. They could not participate as they live in Sweden. Paul was one of the four winterers.

The Arctic Centre proved to be a welcome place for 80 interested visitors and there was a small afterparty too.

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