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arctic tern feeds on lepidurus

6 August 2022

The last days, artic terns are very active feeding at Solvatnet. It is a lake without fish which freezes in winter to the bottom. But the top predator in the lake is the tadpole shrimp Lepidurus arcticus. I asked Christophe Brochard to try to get a picture of this and he came back with a beautiful series.

Below a part of the above picture, which shows the Lepidurus clearly.

The picture below is a young tern, born this year, which has caught its own lepidurus but also is carrying a geolocator. This year I have equipped sofar 12 young terns with a geolocator to study their migration to Antarctica and back to the Arctic.

Not just the Arctic Tern but also the Purple Sandpiper is hunting for Lepidurus.

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