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catching the last 2 families

2 August 2022

There are only 10 families in town and earlier we ringed 8 of them. Tonight we have caught the last two in a group effort with people coming from a polar bear lecture in Kongshallen. It went smoothly. During ringing and blood sampling, we had a lot of attention.

The goslings are in small boxes to be processed, while the parents are left in the catching pen

Yellow BA is a female with a GPS neck collar. It stores the position and behaviour of the goose every 15 minutes. When the goose arrives in Scotland, the information will be downloaded via a telephone network.

It is busy around me, when I am ringing

Some distraction while Anne prepares for blood sampling.

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20220802, 05:15 20220802, 21:30 20220804, 12:00 all items shown with small pics
all sky camera catching the last 2 families observation.org

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