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tagging arctic foxes

17 July 2008 18:00

caught handling you can leave
free again Today we mark the puppies. In the morning, nothing is caught but in the afternoon we have more success. Number 18 and 19 are caught together. Jasper is trap-happy. She feeds four times in a trap. She resembles her mother who does the same in the large trap three times. In the end she is caught with her final puppy.
The juveniles are clearly lighter than last year. This year, they leave the den for long walks. We see them close to the restaurant.
Now Janwillem can start with his observations. He will study group structure and dominance hierarchy within the litter.
poster janwillem
Janwillem has collected data about the foxes in the two previous years. In May he has presented a poster at the IPY-sympoisum in the building of the Royal Academy of Science in Amsterdam. The poster is shown here to the right.

numberleft earright earsizesexhindlegbodymassname caught
17blue 214blackpuppymale7.8 cm812 gVincent17/7/2008 14:40
18red 114greenpuppymale8.2 cm807 gNico17/7/2008 16:13
19red 107blackpuppymale7.8 cm669 gJasper17/7/2008 16:28
20greenblue 212puppymale8.5 cm965 gSimon17/7/2008 16:52
21whitered 108puppymale8.4 cm726 gHans17/7/2008 19:46
22blackblue 211puppymale8.7 cm991 gTom17/7/2008 20:09
23whiteyellow 90puppymale8.3 cm945 gMichael17/7/2008 20:41
7greenyellow 11motherfemaleRandipuppy 2006

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