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Unexpected visit

12 July 2008 10:05

from left to right: Maarten Loonen, Maaike Heegstra, Cor Heegstra and Janwillem Loonen our gosling farm
On Saturday morning, tourists are flooding the village again. While going to the laundry, I recognize Cor Heegstra.
our goslings
Maaike and Cor Heegstra booked a cruise from Hamburg via the Shetlands and Iceland to Spitsbergen and back. They appear here without notice. They need some support while walking but still manage to reach the North Pole. We have one hour to show them our station and the goslings. A picture in front of the station and gone they are. From the North Pole back to The Netherlands. the cruise boat leaves the geese walked among the tourists
also a picture with the other Dutch cruise passengers We make also a picture with the other cruise passengers. I feel like Dr. Livingstone I presume?

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