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national news

9 July 2008 14:30

From 2 till 9 July, two people from the national news on the public network are gathering news in the village. From 21 July, the national news will broadcast 4 3-minute-specials about the consequences of climate change in the arctic.
Marieke de Vries and Hans Struik are enthusiastic about the opportunities in this village.
Radio diary of Marieke de Vries (in Dutch)

3 juli 2008

arrival in Ny-Ålesund

4 juli 2008

between the glaciers

5 juli 2008


6 juli 2008


7 juli 2008


8 juli 2008


9 juli 2008

strict regime

22 juli 2008

bird flue

22 juli 2008

polar bear

23 July 2008

melting glaciers

24 July 2008

many stations

24 July 2008

much oil

Video reports at the bottom of this page
Fresh from home in the fog. Compare with the picture below The old picture from 1918
Start of a boattrip Hans at the location of the old picture Marieke makes a teaser in front of the glacier
Together, we go searching for a spot where a photo from a glacier was taken in 1918. The glacier has shown a spectacular retreat. We all are impressed by the change, but aklso by the beauty of the site, the rumbling of falling ice in the glacier and the amount of blue icebergs in the fjord. More about calving glaciers can be found here.
interview with Oddvar Why are there so many foreign stations in this village? Marieke interviews Oddvar Midtkandal, director of Kings Bay and me as station manager of the Netherlands Arctic Station. Earlier I have heard them talk about the length of Oddvar. How can you have some scenery instead of blue air behind the man while filming? On the left picture, you can see the solution. Place the director on the vulnerable tundra and film from a high point on the road! interview with Maarten
Janwillem interviewed for the children news Janwillem is interviewed for the special news for children. He tells about his research on arctic foxes. In the evening broadcast there is a whole item from 0:26 till 0:50 and 6:50 till 9:10 minutes. You can view the Dutch broadcast by clicking here.
During the afternoon, there is a short announcement from 3:00 til 3:40, which can be viewed here .

photo Maarten van der Voorde

21 July 2008: summer ice extent  21 July 2008: insects  22 July 2008: polar bear
Mark Serreze and Nick Owens were still in town because of the Ny-Ålesund symposium. Carl Petter Nielsen is checking the weather and tells about insects. Polar bear footage from a cruise around Spitsbergen.

23 July 2008: glaciers  23 July 2008: arctic oil  24 July 2008: research stations
Maarten Loonen takes the journalists to a spectacular retreating glacier. Predictions on large amounts of oil cause new dreams. Why are there so many international research stations on Spitsbergen?

24 July 2008: tourism  25 July 2008: spitsbergen 
Many tourists come to Spitsbergen. Why? Dutch history on Spitsbergen

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