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20 June 2021

Six more try-outs with my simple VR camera. They are clearly far from professional, but let us say they are informative. And you can decide yourself where you want to focus. Start the video and pull the focus with your mouse and a pressed left button. Enjoy.

In the video below, I am showing some stuff laying around in the front of our house. It starts with a life-trap for an arctic fox, a nest box for a snowbunting, a skull and antler of a reindeer and a rocket which was fired from here and fell back on the tundra.

A visit to the information centre, which is part of the museum. It shows the research happening in this town. I explain in Dutch.

The museum, focussing on a change from coal mining village to science village. Explanation in Dutch.

The top floor with stories on the race for the north pole. Story in Dutch.

A room about living in this science village

A meeting with reindeer

So what do I do wrong? The stitches between the two lenses are of poor quality. The start screen does show a stitch. The pixel density of the videos is low as you zoom in when the video is displayed as 360 degrees. I made the distance to the camera to far. Best is to work close to the camera. The sound is quite good, even under windy conditions. Let us hope that the professional cameras sent to us for the arctic explorer project have less of these flaws.

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