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Mesocosm experiment

5 July 2020

Mesocosms are small representation of the real world, where environmental parameters can be changed to study their effect. Catharina Uth is doing a special experiment where she varies nutrients (added goose droppings), temperature and zooplankton in small containers representing lake Solvatnet.

Above: the first set-up

Below: getting water from the lake.
The lake water needed to be first without Daphnia. This is done by three times filtering over a 0.5 mm sieve and a visual inspection and removal of any daphnia left. Than 10 large Daphnia are added to half of the mesocosms.
Pots get a unique code with all treatments and there will be 4 different nutrient levels (0,1,2 and 3 droppings added), and half of the aquaria is heated. When everything is ready, the temperature is checked.

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