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Whale cooking

10 augustus 2019

When we have finished our data collection at the grave yard, we continue along the coast where there are 9 ovens for cooking whale to oil and 3 locations where a house has been standing. The archaeologists make a description of the remains.
  This video flies over a part of the coast to the graveyard. You might see some of the ovens close to the beach. As the drone kept breaking loose and the wind picked up, we have no beter overview.
This video is taken from the middle of the oven. You can still see the so called whale concrete. Spilled material, which has made a black crust around the pan. The wind is picking up.
Here a house was standing. We found three flat squares like this along this coast. Sorry for the wind. All these videos are made with my mobile phone.
Departure. After a few very productive days with nice weather, we plan to visit some other sites for comparison. We first go to Likeneset, where we also have permission for arcaeological investigations.

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Archaeology from above whale cooking polar bear ruins our plan

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