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Archaeological expedition

6 August 2019

Today, we are going to study a grave field at Ytre Norskøya. The expedition started yesterday afternoon in Longyearbyen and today they are picking me up in Ny-Ålesund. The expedition is a cooperation between the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA), Medusa Explorations and the Swiss Arctic Project. The study is funded by the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund and GIA. The work is inspired by the Smeerenburgproject of Louwrens Hacquebord (excavations on Amsterdam island in 1980-1983), the grave field excavation by George Maat and Menno Hoogland and the recent publication of Sandra Comis, of all the clothing excavated. We will scan the condition of the graves in relation to the depth of the active layer (the top layer above the permafrost in summer) to assess the conservation status of the material in the graves.

Click here for more details about the expedition plan.

From left to right Koos de Vries (Medusa), Frits Steenhuisen (Arctic Centre), Femke Bosscher (student GIA), Han Vastenhoud (student GIA), Lotte Zanting (student GIA), Sarah Dresscher (Arctic Centre) and in the back Maarten Loonen (Arctic centre) and Wouter Rooke (Medusa).

Our boat is ready in the harbour. the captain Charles Michel is taking some sleep before we continue on the next leg. Note the Dutch flag on the ship.

In Ny-Ålesund, Marije Jousma and Kristle Kranenburg will continue the field work until 15 August. In Longyearbyen Frigg Speelman is collecting data on geese and Rosanne van Bodegom will work on the inventory of the collection of Svalbard Museum.

Click here for more details about the expedition plan.

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