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Insect Photography

23 June 2019

Cecilie and Michael are visiting the NERC station on a grant from INTERACT. They are deploying cameras on Dryas who will take pictures of pollinators for Toke Thomas Høye from Århus University. As they are only here a few days, I will make sure the memory and batteries will continue to work. Now we have to wait for some flowering.
Above a view towards the Dryas, below a view towards the bottom of the camera.
Pollination cameras GPS positions
1.78.92370 N11.89511 E
2.78.92365 N 11.89575 E
3.78.92373 N 11.89575 E
4.78.92364 N 11.89499 E
5.78.92353 N 11.89795 E
6.78.92359 N 11.89778 E
7.78.92358 N 11.89829 E
8.78.92353 N 11.89760 E

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