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Visiting polar bear family

29 June 2019

  At 16:30 three bears were seen on Observasjonsholmen. At 23:45 the polar bear family walks in the direction of this town. These are a mother with two large two-year-old cubs. The young bears are not walking close to their mother. Probably she wants them to become independent and moves fast behind the village. The young cubs are sniffing at the Amundsen monument, very close to the Nobile monument were an Italian delegation with the minister of Education, Universities and Research Marco Bussetti had a ceremony just two hours earlier. No action, many pictures taken. These pictures are made by Marije Jousma.

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20190627, 16:00 20190629, 23:45 20190630, 09:17 all items shown with small pics
foster parents visiting bear family meanwhile @home

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