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First goose catch

20 July 2018

Our first goose catch is close to Sagbruk. There is a rain forecast and if needed we can seek shelter. During the preparation of the nets, the geese were resting closeby at the pond. When we were ready, the geese started to move and we caught them with three people, Armin, Jelle and Maarten. These are the only five families which are in town. It is always good to have a seperate catch of families and failed or no-breeders.Pictures by Armin Elbers.
Geese are in the net 11:30

Jelle puts a gosling in a box to start ringing at 13:30
An old female green XXZ (always read from bottom to top of the leg)

Marlon takes blood samples

Video after catching the families, note the sound of the feeding snowbuntings

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20180720, 12:00 20180720, 13:15 20180721, 12:00 all items shown with small pics
Kings Bay staff first goose catch snack