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Bankers reducing CO2

25 June 2018

Good news from The Netherlands, showing results of the earlier trip to Spitsbergen, organised by Bernice Notenboom. Maarten joined as a guide and has shown the group around in Ny-Ålesund. It was special to notice how these people were motivated into action, seeing climate change from close. The people on the boat spend at least 11 hours in two days, discussing their ideas. And today they present a plan to reduce CO2 but also to monitor eachothers promises and actions.

Financial sector prepares for Dutch climate agreement

Amsterdam, 25 June 2018

Fifteen Dutch banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset funds and investment funds will report on the climate impact of all their investments and operations, aiming for at least 49% CO2-reduction in 2030, 100% in 2050. They have signed a Spitsbergen Ambition.
The full text in Dutch can be found on the Dutch version of this website.

The Spitsbergen Ambition is signed by: ABN-AMRO, AXA IM Nederland, ACTIAM, AEGON, ASN Bank, ASR, Triodos Bank, BNG Bank, Double Dividend, FMO, ING, NNEK, Rabobank, SET Ventures, De Volksbank.

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