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23 July 2017

Every time, we land on a place, we put the boat in between two anchors. You have to judge the tide and we thought we did the right thing looking at the switch from cobbles to sand underwater. Three hours later we return to the boat and find it stranded. The waterline has just passed the boat. However, we have to wait for 4.5 hours before the boat is floating again as it is extreme low tide.
The lines in the mud were to judge the tide. It went lower and lower. Below Sanne and Mare take a nap in an emergency blanket. Pictures by Yuta Morii.
The last moments before the boat floats again.
Yutta is passing the time looking for sea creatures and discovers this beautiful jelly fish. On the way home, I am a bit impatient after 4.5 hours of waiting. So we go full troddle. Yuta enjoyed sitting in the front and made this video.

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