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black carbon

12 June 2017

On the airport of Longyearbyen, two airplanes of the German Alfred Wegener Institute are based for an atmospheric campaign, quantifying the amount of lack carbon in different layers of the atmosphere. The planes fly simultaneous transects at different altitudes from Longyearbyen, over Ny-Ålesund towards the research vessel Polarstern in the ice close to the North Pole. In Ny-Ålesund and on the Polarstern there are lidars working to measure black carbon from the ground. A lidar is a laser and a detection mirror, which measures the reflected returning light. Based on the time, the reflected light has been travelling, it is possible to make a vertical profile of black carbon in the lower 30 km of the atmosphere.

The airplanes are called polar5 and polar6 and are specifically used in the Arctic and Antarctic.

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