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NL foreign affairs

3 July 2016

Today, the Arctic ambassador of the Netherlands was in Ny-Ålesund to visit the Netherlands Arctic Station and to learn about this international research base. We had a warm welcome by KingsBay director Ole Øyseth, a walk through town, a balloon launch and a boat trip in the fjord, where we saw a calving glacier, a bearded seal and went for a swim testing our survivalsuits. Enough action for a day.

From left to right Marlies den Boer (MinBuZa), Kees Rade (Arctic ambassador, Maarten Loonen (University of Groningen), Arne O'Donoghue (NL embassy Oslo), Danny Hitchcock (PhD student University Oslo), Margje de Jong (PhD student University of Groningen) and Jesse Jorna (masterstudent biology University of Groningen).
Trip to the Blomstrandglacier, which has retreated and is still calving. We observe one big chunk falling off,
We did not meet a polar bear but had a lovely meeting with a bearded seal
At the end of our boat trip, we decided to test our survival suits.
Marlies and Kees launched a weather balloon at AWIPEV and followed in the foot steps of Ban Ki-Moon.
Thanks to all who helped with this visit.

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