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Safety measures

16 June 2016

There is a whole police force in town to look over the safety of john Kerry. Here you will have an impression. In the end he was mainly walking through town, but followed by a line of cars and a fire truck.
I tried to get a bit closer for a picture...And than he walked towards us and start talking to us. Are you local scientists? What are you studying? I suppose I will hear more about your research later.
His staff realised that he was not talking to the selected scientists and pointed him to the museum. Leaving us a bit flabbergasted.
By boat (Teisten on top of the picture) Kerry went to the Blomstrandbreen. Several boats followed with press but also with safety personel (armed and with hydrophones, trained for solving ferry boat hijacking).
A press moment at the quay, with a glacier in the background,
Kerry walks past the cars into the village. He skips the shop and continues to the Amundsen villa.
We are overseen by a sniper on the roof of the Norwegian station.
Jan Gunnar Winther director of the Norwegian Polar Institute is interviewed. The whole day we had a helicopter standing by, but Kerry came and left by plane.

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John Kerry safety measures first bear of the year

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