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The database http://researchinsvalbard.no contains information on all research projects. Today I am updating the information of all my projects. These are the projects supported by the station.

RIS-id Title

project owner

6359 - Barnacle Goose Ecology: interactions with a changing environment
10041 - The effect of goose grazing on vegetation composition and productivity
6361 - From historical data to a prediction of the future for geese on arctic tundra?
6642 - The influence of flea infestation on the reproductive success of barnacle geese
10042 - Insect abundance in the arctic summer
6360 - Arctic Tern Ecology: interactions with a changing environment

project participation

10386 - Pollutants in Arctic geese and their eggs
10040 - Global Dryas Project
10595 - Decomposition and the carbon cycle studied by the tea bag index
10570 - The Pinnularia borealis species complex in the Svalbard archipelago
10340 - Bird monitoring in connection with establishment of a new geodetic observatory

project supporter

10558 - Environmental effects of drilling in Svalbard
10258 - Assessing sensitivity of arctic algae and marine invertebrates to human activity
10208 - The microbial methane filter in the Arctic: resilience and response to climate change

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