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bear around our house

1 Aug 2014 7:00

This morning a polar bear (small female) was seen walking from the yellow house outwards towards the zeppelin tower and than swimming away to Storholmen. Later we find tracks on the road near our house. Hannah is pointing to one of the tracks. We can reconstruct that the bear has been circling us. I was awake sitting behind the computer. I must have missed it within 40 meters.
Later we find even more impressive footprints and a garnage bag which has been opened by the polar bear.
And finally an picture with the polar bear spotted at 7:00 in the morning. She must have been everywhere in the village.

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20140731, 21:30 20140801, 07:00 20140801, 14:15 all items shown with small pics
the effect of grazing bear around our house first moult catch

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