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Janwillem, Bas and I go with a motorboat to the island Yvan and the students use the cruise boat Stockholm We pass the boat Stockholm
Bas and Yvan get dressed for the kano trip the team at work the team at work
goslings working on the beach

1 August 2007 21:00

A group of students on cruise for the course AB-201 "Terrestrial Arctic Biology" of UNIS helps us with a catch on the island Storholmen. On this island about 100 geese are moulting. There is no fox and several families. The lack of fresh water makes it difficult for the goslings.
We go to the island with a small boat. The boat Stockholm brings our equipment.
ringing sexing cloacal swab Maarten rings, sexes and takes measurements of the goslings. Ook worden met kleine wattenstaafjes monsters genomen uit de bek en het poepgat voor een zoektocht naar virussen.
midwing head trancheal swab
Maarten takes the measurements
video from catch at Storholmen release

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