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Maarten Loonen - We are back. Lakes on Sigridholmen were dry, two lakes on Leirholmen sampled. The eastern part of the fjord was full with icebergs. Some very large ones and hundreds small blocks. Beautiful.

posted 14-08-2020 at 16:51


Maarten Loonen - Christophe, Catharina, Tessa and Maarten are sampling on Sygridholmen and Leirholmen. Back before 19:00

posted 14-08-2020 at 13:14


Margje de Jong - Isabella and Margje collected some droppings from 05:00 until breakfast. The weather is only really bad with strong winds and rain. Autumn!

posted 13-08-2020 at 09:45


Margje de Jong - Isabella and Margje are just back inside after a long, but successful dropping collection round. There were several GPS families in town! We will not be at breakfast.

posted 12-08-2020 at 02:48


Margje de Jong - We are back, we saw in total 97 geese, but no families.

posted 09-08-2020 at 15:36


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Wessel Fokkema - Eindelijk op pad! Het heeft even geduurd maar gelukkig hebben de ganzen op jullie gewacht. Is de ijsbeer nog in de buurt? Succes met het vervolg!

posted 11-06-2017 at 12:38