20160813 stones are beautiful

stones are beautiful


20160812 retrieving tea bags

retrieving tea bags


20160812 prinsendam



20160808 catch with students

catch with students


20160807 enzo leaves

enzo leaves


20160806 last unringed goslings

last unringed goslings


20160807 boattrip


The Netherlands Arctic Station

located on Spitsbergen in the northernmost village of the world, the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen has a research facility.

Postal address:
Netherlands Arctic Station, P.O.Box 1, N-9173 Ny-Ålesund, Norway
0031 50 7200 449 (Skypein number, with voicemail) or 0047 7902 6852

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http://www.sees.nl http://www.rugsteuntstern.nl  
Videos made by the University of Groningen about the largest Dutch polar expedition and a crowdfunding project to study migration of terns
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boat house of the camebridge spitsbergen expedition

processing a goose catch

marine laboratory

Inhabitants of Ny-Ålesund

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Per Erik Hanevold

Per Erik Hanevold

Verena Mohaupt

Verena Mohaupt

Christell Guesnon

Christell Guesnon

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20080807, 16:00
imprinted goslings
20110702, 12:30
minky whale
20120808, 14:50
survival suit
20110722, 11:00
fire drill

Latest message from our station log book
Maarten Loonen - I am back. Wonderful trip. Silence and stones.

posted 13-08-2016 at 16:29

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Sightings of ringed barnacle geese

Total 3695 sightings of 510 individuals. Most observed is gvdz, seen 50 times.

Panorama from Zeppelin mountain

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Governor cabin

Governor cabin